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Welcome to the Child Safeguarding Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed to make learning from serious child safeguarding incidents more accessible to everyone who has a role to play to safeguard children and young people.  The content draws on 10 key principles that came out of a reflective learning event with safeguarding partners and schools.  

This toolkit has resources to help raise awareness about the risk factors identified from the most common themes identified in the Annual Report of the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel (2018-2019) to help prevent future serious child safeguarding incidents. It has also been designed to meet the training needs set out in recognised safeguarding competency frameworks, at Level 1 to 4, and a certificate will be issued for your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) records following the completion of the e-learning module. 

The training resources include an animation introducing the 10 principles through the voice of the child, a case study on a serious child safeguarding incident, and a 'what happened next' animation about how incidents are managed by the multi-agency partnership.